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Statewide Asset Building Coalition
The WVASF has developed a coalition of partners to address asset poverty and create greater asset building opportunities for low-wealth individuals and families. The goal of the coalition is to provide education and awareness regarding asset poverty in West Virginia, aid in the creation and delivery of programs and services that help build assets for low-wealth populations, and advocate for legislative changes to break down the current barriers to asset building.
Download Asset Poverty in West Virginia: Creating A Statewide Asset Coalition" Report 

The Asset Coalition works through the following committees:

Advisory Committee: Provides oversight and strategic vision for coalition.
Programs: Addresses events, technical assistance, training and other opportunities.
Policy and Research: Looks at policy needs to support asset building and identifies necessary research to support policy change.

The committees convene monthly via conference call. To join the coalition or a committee please e-mail Jennifer Thacker or call 304-342-6972.

Children's Haelth Insurance Program (CHIP)
WVASF is working with a network of partners to enroll eligible uninsured children in CHIP and Medicaid.  Enrollment and outreach is being conducted at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites, health centers, and through grassroots Community Partners.

For more information visit:
WV CHIP WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition WV Inroads

If your organization is interested in becoming a community partner, contact the Alliance via email or by calling 304-342-6972.

Individual Develpment Accounts (IDAs)
Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are matched savings accounts designed to help low-income and low-wealth families accumulate savings for high return investments in long- term assets such as a home, higher education and training, or a business. In an IDA Program participants learn about budgeting, saving, banking and more. Participants attend financial education classes and also receive one-on-one counseling and other training with their IDAs. In West Virginia IDAs are available to eligible individuals through KISRA. Learn more by contacting Patricia Scott at 304-768-8924 or by visiting www.kisra.org

To apply, download this Application Packet 

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Outreach Campaign
The WVASF serves as the statewide leader for the EITC outreach effort. The EITC is for working families and individuals with low and moderate incomes. It can help reduce tax burdens, boost income and help people move from welfare to work. During the previous tax filing season volunteers in West Virginia assisted taxpayers in claiming over $7 million in the EITC. Our role is to build capacity for seven regional EITC coalitions, establish strategic partnerships, and provide promotional materials and resources. Through the seven regional coalitions the WV EITC campaign is able to provide Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) services in every county across the state. The WVASF works with several other state organizations each year to encourage citizens to apply for the EITC. Outreach activities include the dissemination of educational materials, a media campaign and tax assistance.
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