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Raise the Minimum Wage
Wages for West Virginia's workers, and in particular low-wage workers, have been declining for over forty years, falling 32% since 1968. As fewer workers have enjoyed the fruits of a growing economy, problems such as income inequality and poverty are growing in our state. While there is no quick fix, raising the minimum wage and adjusting it over time are key to reversing the long-term erosion of low-wage worker's earnings and combating inequality and poverty.

The report Giving West Virginia's Workers a Raise: Increasing the State Minimum Wage calls for an increase the minimum wage by putting the current minimum wage in context to its historic value and other benchmarks. It also provides a demographic overview of who in West Virginia would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage. Finally, it examines the evidence for the impact of the minimum wage on employment, and explores some of the reasons why the traditional arguments against raising the minimum wage are largely unsubstantiated.
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State Earned Income Tax Credit (SEITC)
Many of West Virginia's working families need assistance to pay for their basic needs. To help combat this problem the WVASF is seeking to create a refundable State Earned Income Tax (SEITC) that would be at least 10% of the federal EITC. This new credit would replace the current Family Tax Credit and would provide greater benefit to more families. Our current approach also advocates for the use of surplus dollars received for TANF.
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